Wearable air purifier


The COVID-19 pandemic arrived swiftly and found many countries unprepared. Even highly prepared countries are now facing second-third -wave outbreaks that have forced implementation of extreme social distancing measures. To minimize the medical and economic consequences, it is important to rapidly assess and adopt a containment intervention bundle that drives transmissibility to manageable levels. Face shields, which can be quickly and affordably produced and distributed, should be included as part of strategies to safely and significantly reduce transmission in the community setting.

Now, when opening our social life,  is the time for adoption of this practical intervention.

Finnshield method !

Finnshield  method consists of efficient filter, mechanical fan and transparent face shield. System is built in a way, that multiply volume , compared to normal breathing volume, of air is taken through efficient filter using mechanical fan and is blown to breathing zone mainly between transparent face shield on one side and our face on the other side.

How it works?

note: Finnshield, like any standard mask, can not prevent smallest aerosols entering your body, but it can stop droplets having huge amount of viruses entering your mouth, nose and eyes

Available products

Features allowing you to stay more safe

Finnshield is one extra layer in your total protection strategy against impurities and viruses  inside droplets around you. The other  layers must be:

  • physical distance
  • hand washing
  • cough etiquette
  • limiting time
  • ventilation, air filtration in the indoor space
  • standard masks


  • Protects also third route for droplets having viruses – eyes
  • Better filtering efficiency (F7)  than most of standard masks
  • Breathing is easy without any pressure drop
  • No skin irrigation 
  • Possible to drink without touching the protection
  • Possible to see your face – important for e.g. children
  • Environmental friendly – cardboard main material – no thin elastic strings to make harm  e.g. birds in the nature
  •  Possible to use with other protection media – e.g. standard mask in high risk areas

Finland ranked happiest country in the word ......Why?

We have cleanest air and potable water in our lakes. We can forget all masks, viruses and simply go to our summer houses and have sauna, swimming and silence.

Why Not ?

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