We are a Finnish company passionate about limiting climate change to 1point5 degrees C. We use our broad multinational, multidimensional experience to bring together people and companies to achieve this.

It is easy to require our government and companies to take steps to reduce emissions, but in the end, we as individuals make the decision which products we choose.

If we choose that our homes made from low emission level materials, such as wood, we will not waste energy, and if we eat more sustainably produced food, we will be on the right road to reach our goal in global warming.

Finnshield is  is a spin-off  of our other development projects and is a good example  supporting our main strategy to minimize energy consumption ( high ventilation level only in your breathing zone), minimize use of plastic  and use environmental friendly  materials (cardboard from our own country) and utilize manufacturing facilities in Europe ( not thousand miles away).

Gavin & Harri & Ari
1point5 Ltd