R & D & I

A part of the early history of finnshield

We were not supposed to be involved in developing air purifiers.  Over ten years  ago our  team was involved delivering equipment for the particleboard industry.  We were working in the area where dust content, formaldehyde levels  and PMDI  content were high and we simply wanted to protect ourselves.

We tested units shown on the right. Both were with H13 HEPA filters-

Unit in the middle was also with UVC leds ( 4 pcs)  and 15 kV negative  ion generator with brush  and having total air flow 30 l/min from 40 by 10 mm fan. with 6 hour battery life. The flow was too small  and we increase it to 80 l/min with 50 by 20 mm fan but less  than 4 hours battery life-

Later we left out all these fancy units and increased the flow to 100 l/min and take the purified  air directly inside simple mask. The result was good and it was easy the breathe. When we came out from the high contaminated area we removed the mask and pipe and let unit just blow to our face from the pocket. Battery life was more than whole shift.

Last year when the pandemic began we start to rethink the simple version without direct connection under the mask.

This is now core part of Finnshield 3 and 4

Finnshield 1 was originally  also developed for ourselves to travel in the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic based on earlier experience of the chicken flu in Vietnam.

finnshield IPR protected features