finnshield 1

Finnshield 1 was developed originally for long haul flights from  check-in at departure    to destination hotel including crowded airports, full booked tourist flight and airport bus .

Finnshield 1 consits of cardboard frame with integrated visor, F7 level filter and efficient fan  running from any USB connection like the entertainment system from your seat during the flight and power bank or from mobile telephone.

finnshield 2

Finnshield 2 was developed for mass transport purposes in where a lot of people are e.g in a buss and risk for virus droplets is high.

Finnshield 2 consists  of  same cardboard  frame including fan and integrated PE full face shild than Finnshield 1. but has changeable filter  (F7 level) part.

Finnshield 2 is delivered with baseball hat to which it is fixed using snap fasteners in four points. Power for fan is taken from four standard aaa batteries or rechargable batteries. Working time with one set is minimum 6 hours  and purified air volume minimum 50 l/min.

Finnshield 3

FinnShield 3 supplies clean and purified air to your breathing zone. Doesn’t matter if you are in a shopping center , full crowded bus or listening boring presentation in a company meeting.

Simple place FinnShield 3 hanging from your neck or place it in your shirt pocket.

FinnShield 3 purifies air with F7 level filter minimum 40 l/min, 

Combine FinnShield 3 with any standard transparent face shield and you have one more protection layer against droplets flotating around you,


finnshield 4

Finnshield 4 was developed for office people. When meeting e.g. customers they want to have extra protection without showing they have it. It can be put inside shirt  of jacket pocket blowing 50 l/min purified air around your face.

Instead of F7 level filter it has H12 level  filter element

Also instead of batteries it has a 2000 mAh LIPO battery and charger board with USB-C connector. The operating time between charging is around  10 h

for time being we will deliver only test units for companies willing to cooperate with us in the future.

In case you will be interested to manufacture units to your customers in your area , please contact us

Price list for test units

Finnshield 1

€ 10 per unit

Finnshield 2

€ 15 per unit

Finnshield 3

€ 15 per unit

Finnshield 4

€ 20 per unit

Finnshield 5

final test phase

we are filing our patent application

to be announced later in the summer

Finnshield 6

still on our drawing board

to be announce by the end of 2021


No, Finnshield should always be used with other measures like :

  • Distance 
  • Hand washing
  • avoiding crowded areas in high risk environments etc.

Finnshield  filter units are same as used in high efficiency air condition /systems masked as F7 and H12.

Finnshied is protected by a utility model registered in Finland

Human is normally breathing around 19 l/min air. Finnshield is dimensioned to air volumes from 40 l/min and up. Blowing air between your face and  visor  gives more cleaned air in breathing zone than most of other wearable air purifiers.